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Expressing what a client wants to say begins with fully comprehending what they have written and understanding who they have written it for. This involves listening to the client, communicating with them and using my extensive experience and keen eye for detail to produce the best possible translation.


While my working languages are Spanish and Catalan into English, I work closely with a team of colleagues with whom I have found an affinity over the years. This means that if you need your texts translated into other languages, we can handle the entire project and you can rest assured that the resulting documents will be of the very best quality.

LinkLingua not only focuses on transposing words but also on ensuring that your texts are clear, coherent and readable.


Ensuring smooth communication with your audience by translating your texts with a high-level of accuracy.


Altering the text to make sure it flows and generally improving its style.


Guaranteeing that a translated document is accurate and true to the original.


Translating your hotel website into other languages will increase its global reach and improve accessibility for potential international guests, thus boosting visibility and bookings.

The multilingual translation of tourism platforms facilitates communication with visitors from all over the world and optimises the user experience.

Cultural communication opens doors to opportunities for international collaboration.

Offering your museum information in multiple languages gives greater global access, connects international audiences and promotes a universal interest in knowledge.

Expanding the translation of your winery’s website into more languages elevates your global presence, allowing you to connect with wine lovers around the world and increase opportunities for international promotion and sales.

Articles and papers are published and read in every corner of the world. The professional translation, editing or proofreading of your research enhances the prestige of the article and ensures that all the information is correct.


Traditionally, translation is charged for by the number of words in the original text. However, there is a growing trend towards charging on an hourly basis. It all depends on the language combinations, the type of text to be translated and the different services that may be needed.

Either way, LinkLingua’s rates are fair and transparent and without intermediaries you can rest assured that you won’t be paying more than necessary. At the start of any project, I will always discuss the details with you to find a price that fits.

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